Garnet Mesh 80 Abrasive

Garnet Mesh 80 cutting abrasive is widely used in CNC waterjet cutting applications, especially in CNC WaterJet machines. This type of cutting abrasive is produced from natural Garnet mineral with even and fine particle sizes, carefully screened to remove any impurities that may affect the cutting process. With the fine texture of Garnet Mesh 80 cutting abrasive, the cutting process becomes more precise and accurate. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacturing industry, especially in the production of metals, ceramics, glass, granite, and many other materials.
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Garnet mesh 80 abrasive is an inorganic abrasive used in various industries. Below are some applications of Garnet mesh 80 abrasive:

CNC Waterjet cutting machine: Garnet mesh 80 abrasive is used in the cutting and grinding of various materials such as metals, stones, tiles, glass, wood, and plastic.

Surface treatment: Garnet mesh 80 abrasive is used to treat the surface of metals, stones, tiles, glass, and wood. It can remove paint, rust, dust, and other stains on the surface.

Painting and protection: Garnet mesh 80 abrasive is used in the surface preparation process before painting or protection. It can remove lime, deposits, and old paint on the surface, making the paint or protective coating adhere better.

Water filtration: Garnet mesh 80 abrasive is used in water filtration systems to remove dirt particles, deposits, microorganisms, and other chemicals.

Jewelry production: Garnet mesh 80 abrasive is used in the process of crafting and grinding jewelry from metal and gemstones.

Therefore, Garnet mesh 80 abrasive has many applications in various industries and is one of the most popular abrasive types on the market.