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Garnet is a natural non-metallic mineral mined from mines in the Indus and Australian rivers or in the seabed.
Currently, garnet abrasives (cutting grains) are being replaced by other types of abrasives such as Nix, PS ball, and sand because of their outstanding advantages and greater economy. When used, Garnet abrasives typically create less dust than other types of abrasives because they have higher hardness and less fragmentation.


Safety to the enviromentSafety to the enviroment
High effective costHigh effective cost
Less dust blastingLess dust blasting
Recycle after blastingRecycle after blasting
Better surface qualityBetter surface quality

Garnet (Garnet sand, abrasive Garnet) is asemi-precious gemstone. It is exploited from natural mines, such as quarry, river and bedsore so that it is structured of various elements. In the Garnet group, Almandine Garnet is the heaviest and hardest garnet, popularly used in recent industrial applications..

Surface cleaning for oxidizedSurface cleaning for oxidized
Waterjet cutting machineWaterjet cutting machine
Waterjet cutting products that require high perfectionWaterjet cutting products that require high perfection